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These audio files of GCSE and A level set texts are provided by the ARLT as a service to teachers and students.

The audio files on this site are in the MP3 format. Just click on the one you want to hear and your default Windows Media Player should start to play it.

On line audio from elsewhere

at the Classical Resource Centre:


Pliny’s Letters

Plato’s Symposium

Aristophanes: Birds -  translated and adapted for Radio by Martin Wade

The Aeneid parts 1 and 2 - adaptation for radio by Hattie Naylor

Acropolis Now: Series 2: Sitcom set in Ancient Greece

The Eternal City - words and music

The Minoan Civilisation - In our Time July 2011

Coinage in Ancient Greece and the development of philosophical ideas - Edith Hall (15 mins)

Xenophon - In our Time May 2011

I, Claudius - Radio 4 2010

Socrates, Athens and the Good Life - Bettany Hughes

Pliny the Elder - In Our Time Radio 4 June 2010 (42 mins)

Couples in the Ancient World - the Essay on Radio 3 June 2010 (15 mins)

The Researches of Herodotus - radio drama based on the Histories of Herodotus, written by Tom Holland (84 megs)

Odysseus on an Iceberg

Homer's Landscapes - in 3 parts

Greek and Roman Voices - 4x15 minute talks on Virgil (Maria Wyke, Seamus Heany, Sir Charles Martindale, Philip Hardie)

Lucy Benson argues for Latin

And many more


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