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The inaugural ARLT Latin Reading Competition drew a relatively small entry but we are well aware that the task set was very challenging. The adjudicators were Wilf O'Neill and John Hazel who commented that:

"While there were some good performances, the overall standard was a little disappointing. Candidates need to pay more attention to the structure of the hexameter and how to phrase it. There were the usual problems over vowel quantities (something which reference to a good dictionary can sort out alongside the established rules), and the rendering of 's' as 'z'. The notion of enjambment seemed unknown to some and lines were end-stopped where hiatus was not called for to the detriment of the flow of the verse. In several cases there were technical issues with the recordings. While studio quality is not expected, it might be a good idea to record in a fairly dry acoustic and certainly not in a room with people typing in the background!"

It was also noted that there was only basic guidance on pronunciation in the "Read It Right!" program, and that we would remedy this for future competitions. The decision was made to award only two prizes in the Senior section whilst awarding the full range of prizes in the Junior section.

Our thanks go to those schools which supported the competition and to those teachers who gave of their time to coach their pupils. The awards and our congratulations go to the following pupils:


ARLT Latin Reading Competition  2010 - results

Senior section:

1. Will Spens  



2. Angus Mulford



Junior section:

1. Matthew O'Dowd

Loughborough G.S


2 Rex Stretton-Pow

Bristol G.S.


3 Sarah Carrington  

Malvern St James