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In a recent survey employers were asked what they looked for in new recruits, and in particular what their attitude was towards people with qualifications in Classics. This is what they said:
  • Classics does not narrow down your potentialities early as almost any other degree does. (Publisher)
  • The strength of Classics is that you are doing something intellectually rigorous ... it has a logical approach, like Maths. (Industry)
  • Classics produces an ordered mind, an ability to present cases precisely and concisely. (Automotive industry)
  • I think Classics graduates are probably better than any other discipline....they think the pants off issues. (Advertising agency)
  • Classics is a very good training indeed. Apart from all other things it teaches you to write clearly, whereas in many other disciplines the use of language is clumsy and unclear. (Educationalist)
  • The study of Classics makes you analytical, gives you breadth in viewing situations .... logical reasoning and numeracy go with this. Clear thinking, the ability to order material, to adapt to different situations, all these things.....and that is what employers are looking for. (Careers Adviser)
  • One discipline I would single out would be Classics. Classicists we have had from the past and the very few we get now are usually very good and sometimes quite outstanding. Classics seems to train minds that can be used here. (Bank)
  • Classicists can do anything. (Careers Adviser)
  • Information Technology - they would be good at that. (several respondents)
  • More Classicists find their way into management than, say, scientists...Classicists probably take to management because they don't have particular technical skills and they have an interest in people and the problems people present. (Civil servant)
  • Nothing you learn here (Classics at Oxford) will be of any use to you in future life except that you will be able to tell if someone is talking rot. (Harold Macmillan) (By the way, how many politicians, journalists, broadcasters, and top Civil Servants have a Classical background?)
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