Pots! is a fast-paced game for 3-6 players aged 12 and over and lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. It is set in Classical Athens. Players bid against each other to acquire the biggest and best collection of vases, as they travel round the key areas of the city. Good judgment and a pinch of luck are needed, but even then the gods of Mount Olympos may intervene to help or hinder you.
The game comes with two sets of rules. The starter rules get players into the swing of the game, and the standard game introduces a unique movement system and six different types of auction.
Both versions involve skill, luck and bluffing, with lots of player interaction.


· Game board in full colour.
· 52 large cards in full colour each depicting a different Greek vase, and indicating the colour scheme, function and theme. The reverse of each card contains a brief description which forms no part of the game, but is included for interest. The originals of all the cards are in the British Museum.
· 48 Gods’ Intervention cards.
· 6 playing pieces.
· Play money.
· 6 wallets for holding a concealed bid.
· 6 markers indicating different types of auction.
· Rules.
· A set of historical notes which have no part in the game, but are included for those interested in the history of the period.

Price: About £25
Release date: January 2005
For more information contact
Phil Balmforth
or check the website at www.potsthegame.com