quicktime videos of all major Greek sites Ancient Jokes Hannibal and the Punic wars The Archive of Greek and Roman Drama Performance  
Listen Again to Roman Way on Radio 4 Aegean Smoke from NASAIRIS Magazine
the Ermine Street Guard  Gladiatorial Games

Resources for Classics - a gateway to the world of Classics Resources
The Classics Pages - Andrew Wilson's rich and varied site
Didaskalia - Ancient Theatre today
Perseus Project
Introduction to the Classics - with very many excellent links
The Greeks, Crucible of Civilisation - interactive site

Resources for Vergil
Pyrrah's Roman Pages ( with pictures of Woodchester Orpheus Mosaic )
Odysseus- Culture website of Greek Government
Online University: A Guide to Ancient Athens
Hellenic Bookservice
Roman Britain -
de la Bedoyere, for Villas, Coins, R. Army, Hadrian's Wall
Actors of Dionysos
- quality performers of Classical Drama
JACT AL Classical Civilisation Summer School - for students
Pinkmonkey Notes on the Aeneid - and much more
The Latin Library

Ancient Greek Cities
Imperial Fora Official Website - excellent reconstructions and live webcam
Reconstructions of Classical sites
ARLT - the Association for Latin Teaching
Classical Resources from David Parsons - including links to outer space!
Livius - articles on Ancient History. Big, varied Dutch site
Friends of Classics - for anyone fascinated by the Classics
Archaeology Links - more links on my site, mainly archaeological
VCoins - The Online Ancient Coin and Antiquity Show
J-Progs - offers a complete range of Classics software for Mac or PC
Archive of performances of Classical Drama - ancient drama on the modern stage
Ancient Battle Animations especially for Carthaginian Wars
The Ermine Street Guard - re-enactment group
Textkit - to help you learn Ancient Greek and Latin
Hannibal - the most comprehensive web resource on the life of Hannibal
IRIS - new magazine, for modern, imaginative and innovative responses to the Classics.
CICERO - competition webpage.
Glossary of Roman military terms

History Degrees online - Learn from the past to make a great future



History Degrees online

Pyrrah's Roman Pages

The Quotations Page

Ancient Greek Cities

Imperial Fora official website


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